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On Thu, 5 Oct 2000 15:35:56 EDT, BlaxeEagle wrote:

> MSiA's are just as good, if not better then HG's in my opinion. When an

> MSiA has removeable beam saber blades and an HG kit *DOESN't*, then
> the point of the HG label?

Well, whether they're better is debatable, but consider this: The average
MSIA gives you a figure roughly the size of a 500 yen G/W/X kit (but even
more cheaply molded) adds paint and a few accessories, and then slaps a 1000
yen pricetag on it, so one might safely assume they're going to be a little
more complex than said 500 yen kit would be. Again: extra features cost
extra money, and Bandai is not going to abandon the low end of their model
kit market (which HGUC currently represents) by loading it up with features.
I'm sure if they wanted to charge 1500 yen for the HGUC GOUF we'd get all
kinds of nifty extras... but they don't, and we wont.. That's reality.

And there's really no point in bemoaning the fact that HG is "supposed" to
mean something special. That may have been true even five years ago, but
it's not true anymore. the HGUC line is what it is, and it's not going to
change. One can either accept that and enjoy the kits for the relatively
cheap trifles that they are, or pay more money for a fancier kit or toy.
Complaining that an 800 yen kit is "nothing special" strikes me as somewhat
pointless, you know?



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