Thu, 5 Oct 2000 19:12:25 EDT

  Man, I don't know so many people dislike the MSiA's on this list. The
panel lines on my MSiA's are EXCELLENT and the joint problems are fixed in
the newer MSiA's, at least mine are, can't speak for others. Just so you all
know, I have the following MSiA's:

 RX-78 Gundam, Turn A, Char's Zaku II, Gouf, Zeta, the Asian market release
of the Wing and Tallgeese, the USA Heavy Arms, Sandrock and Deathscythe. The
only one's that have problems are the Sandrock and RX-78. Either people are
extremly rough on them or people have one's the QA/QC dept. missed. I do not
have ANY messy panel lines. The are MUCH more durable then a kit or a
Chogokin is. I actually LIKE what the MSiA's are made of, it's tough and
durable, while having great detail and articulation. Hey, at least the MSiA's
are hard to break! I love kits a lot, but the more MSiA's I get, the better I
like them.

  Yes, they are toys, but Darn it!, Are much better them some claim them to
be. BTW, there's kit's that have similar problems the MG GP01 has a worse
shoulder joint pop off problem, then even the infamous RX-78 MSiA's.

  My peeve about the beam sabers are just that, my personal peeve. Just
because the sabers are not like I like them, doesn't ruin the kit at all for
me. It's just the same as the problem someone had with the HGUC's GP01's
head. It's no big deal to me, it's just one thing that irriates me about
kits. Everyone has their own preferences of kits. I was just shareing my

  I meant that why should HG be used, if all the new 1/144 kit's are HG
level? HG kits are inbetween MG and non grade kits, Yes, the HGUC's are DANG
good kits, but a 1200 HGUC should come with a few nice little extra's. I like
MG's, but my favorite scale is 1/144 and the MSiA's size. MG's are a bit too
big for me. Tell you the truth, I would love a mini MG kit line.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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