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> Uh, HG kits are not *supposed* to be extremely cheap. 800 yen is a bit
> cheap for an HG kit. HG is not MG that is true, but stuff like clear saber
> blades, clear monoeyes, etc. should be givens as HG. HG used to be something
> special, but not anymore.

well, we can't have them cheap and as special as all that. I've had the
opportunity to compare the old HG and the new HGUC stuff, and I can say that
they have quite improved in terms of construction, poseability and proportions.
I think that for that, it deserves a bit of praise. so it doesn't have a thing
as a removable beam what? I would rather have a separate unactivated
hilt. easier to paint, looks less of a toy. I don't know, it's just that to
me, it shouldn't be an issue. if it's there, hooray, if it's not, oh, well. we
pay for the improvements in kit technology to make the whole kit nice, not just
the beam saber accessory or the clear monoeyes. true, it is annoying since we
know it could have been done, but then, they have to work in budget, and they do
have manufacturing processes to think about. it ain't just the kit they have to
think about. if they did, then we should expect MG prices on some of these

> MSiA's are just as good, if not better then HG's in my opinion. When an
> MSiA has removeable beam saber blades and an HG kit *DOESN't*, then what's
> the point of the HG label?

The MSiA is a TOY. The HG series are kits. Have you seen the proportions of
those toys? horrible! the linework is not as good either, and the
plastic...good for toys, but not for kits. That's the difference. so it's got
a removable beam saber, yippee. but will it look like a scaled down model of
something "real" (As real as it can get anyway!)? I think not. AND, it
doesn't require the finesse for production that a kit requires, so it's make it a bit more eye-candyish, they put removable removable beam
saber blades...whoopee. I dunno, I am not impressed with that. Now, if they
had used better grade plastic, really good joint construction and then kept it
as close to the HG kits as possible in terms of quality and still achieve the
same price as they have now...then I would be damned impressed. That's why I
was impressed with the DX G Gundam, those toys kicked ass majorly.

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