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Fri, 06 Oct 2000 06:58:12 +0800

> Funny MSG, 0080, 08th MS team, and 0083 use all the same
> configurations, and even Gundam Wing just uses Zion style for
> controls which is 2 joysticks, and 2 foot pedals...
> > it's all just speculation - and will change with every new series
> > OVA that comes out.
> Obviously people at Bandai pays a little more attention to detail
> than you give them credit for.
> There is an entire section from one of the Entertainment Bibles
> devoted to MS Piloting, I'll translate it someday, and post some
> details from it, with the cockpit diagrams they had, with labels
> which they had for each piece, somebody in Japan though it
> was important enough to print once...
> And as for this topic going on long enough, its more interesting
> to me than the 40 emails from the list I just deleted with High
> Grade this and that in the title... you'd think this was a modeler's
> only list... (no offense to modelers, I'm still building my PG kit)
> So I for one will support the one thread I'm actually reading...
> Paul

That would be a great challenge to all the large scale modelers...howabout a
1:1 cockpit? Then we can get to see if it's a great thing or not, all these

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