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<< I'm not a fan of the Chogokin toy. In fact, I rather loathe it. True, it's
 got that 70's-anime look down pat, and it's very posable, but as a *scale
 model* it's an utter failure. I find it even uglier than the HG kit, which
 believe me, is NOT a good thing. It may be a neat toy, but it's still a toy,
 and I just hate the sculpt with a seething passion. >>

  Me either. I like it, but the current HGUC kits are much more strudy then
then Chogokin Gundam, espcially the hips. One false move and whoosh, the side
pieces pop off. Same with the arms, it's really easy to pose them out of
whack. Then, it takes a bit of posing to get is shoulders back into working

  It would have been much better if it was made of hard, thick plastic or
totally die-cast. One cannot expect it to fit in with the HGUC GunCannon and
GunTank, as it *LOOKS* WAY different then they do. It looks, Well, OLD
compared to them! :)

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