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<< S'what I've been saying on RAAM for some time now whenever people moan
 the lack of this or that feature in any given kit, especially cheap ones
 like HGUC. You want more features, you gots to pay more money, simple as
 that. Some still fail to comprehend this, assuming that Bandai COULD pack
 MG-like features into an 800 yen kit, but won't because they're big meanies
 or something. They seem to forget that Bandai is a business and not Willy
 Wonka's chocolate factory.

  Uh, HG kits are not *supposed* to be extremely cheap. 800 yen is a bit
cheap for an HG kit. HG is not MG that is true, but stuff like clear saber
blades, clear monoeyes, etc. should be givens as HG. HG used to be something
special, but not anymore.

  MSiA's are just as good, if not better then HG's in my opinion. When an
MSiA has removeable beam saber blades and an HG kit *DOESN't*, then what's
the point of the HG label?

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