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Thu, 5 Oct 2000 14:49:34 -0400

> > Well I don't know anybody that's tried it using Jovian Chronicles
> > but I and a few other folks I know have run Gundam using rules
> > based on RTG's Mekton system.
> same difference since R. Talsorian sold the Mekton system to Dream Pod 9
> -Les

Nope they sold it to Atomic Rocket Games who has
yet to even reprint the base book, whihc has been out
of print for a few years now. However now relocated,
RTG may infact reprint the Mekton Zeta books, while
the guys at ARG are gathering strength. The guys at
ARG are the ones who worked on Mekton Starblade
Battalion. Dream Pod 9 only owns its Jovian Chron
rights, and the rights to the Heavy Gear/Silouette game
system which they created. They have now reproduced
Jovian Chronicles for Silouette as well.


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