Paul Fields (
Thu, 5 Oct 2000 14:02:21 -0400

>Is it worth the 70 dollars? I do not read Japanese so I would only be
>interested in stats

There are hundreds of stats in the Gundam Senki book,
everything from a bicycle, to cargo shuttles, and Gundam
mobile suits of course...

One of the other pages I'm working on will be a typical
Mecha Sheet from Gundam Senki done in Japanese and
using javascript mouseovers you will be able to see the
english translations for the subject headings like armor
weight, weapons, damage etc...

Hopefully anyone with Senki will be able to translate the
MS stats out of it when they have the 'rosetta stone' like
the one I'm working on. Most of the stats are in typical
(arabic?) numerals that we use every day, but you'll need
column headings to figure it all out, and often repeated
kanji like Machine Gun, Heat Hawk, and Zaku Bazooka
will be on the page.


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