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> There is also a Japanese rules expansion for Mekton called Gundam Senki,
> but I don't really recommend it.

> is this available off the net or is it something I would have to buy?

Well animenation has it, its about $60-70 plus shipping, and all in
Japanese. The Author has a website with some errata, and rules
additions, but I can't remember what the link is right now. Tsuneo
is a frequent poster in the MZML though...

if the link is too long, go to go to book, then
import books, then Gundam, then look for the Gundam Senki RPG
book... $69.95

> Benjamin Wright also wrote some guidelines for
> making Mobile Suits with Mekton
> Were are these located?

Othe links you may find interesting if you have any way to
read Japanese sites, or have a translator browser plugin like
translingo, or the translating version of netscape or whatever:

a page full of Gundam History, with timelines for most of the
UC universe...

And some more english sites...

some of Neil's MS statistics for his upcoming 0084 game...

Of course there is also the Newtype Asylum whit its great pages
very helpful for early UC stuff...

As soon as I resolve some host issues with Internic, I'll be sure
to post my Gundam Mekton site as well...


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