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> Hello,
> Being a big fan of the Original Gundam Anime universe. I want to run
> a Gundam campaign using the JC system. Does any know were I can
> locate any conversions for Gundam to JC? And any sites that have a wealth
> infor on the universe

Well I don't know anybody that's tried it using Jovian Chronicles
but I and a few other folks I know have run Gundam using rules
based on RTG's Mekton system. There is also a Japanese rules
expansion for Mekton called Gundam Senki, but I don't really
recommend it. Benjamin Wright also wrote some guidelines for
making Mobile Suits with Mekton, and Mecha Press ran some
articles on 'Gundam Mekton' that may be useful. Now since you
want to run JC, this may not appear to be much help for you, but
since JC was first written for Mekton as well, you may find it
easier to find Jovian Chronicles to Mekton conversions that you
will somebody who has Gundam rules for Jovian Chronicles.

For Gundam Universe info you should check out the Gundam
Project by Mark Simmons, and if you have some way of web
browsing Japanese sites, check out some of the Japanese links
from his site.

> Also has anyone else tried this and would be willing to share some
> insight into how you did it.

If this helps I can point you in the direction of some web sites
where some of the Mekton stats are, but since there is plenty
of this in the archive, I won't repeat them all unless you really
want them.

Let me know what you think...


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