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lemontea@earthlink.net wrote:

>I think we're starting to spend just a bit too much thought on this
>topic... Face it, the animators/storyboarders are just going to use
>whatever kind of control action (pedal, lever, waldo, etc.) that seems
>cool to them at the time, and until there is an "official" full size
>"working" MS cockpit simulator, it's all just speculation - and will
>change with every new series/OVA that comes out.

Well, the reason I brought the topic up is to bring up some interesting
discussion to begin with. Naturally, with so many diehard fans on the list,
speculation comes in bundles.

I have to agree and disagree with your point. I agree that future producers
with incorporate new control action into the cockpit design. But at the
same time, I think they would want to do it in a way that better defines
cockpit operation, at least for UC anyway. For example, they incorporated a
mouse/trackball into the GM cockpit for 0083. This is shown when South
Burning was showing Keith and Kou about Gato's possible escape routes. That
little scene also showed some sort of data networking between MS's
navigation system (at least in close proximity when Minovsky level is low).
This wasn't shown in the series before (correct me if I am wrong on this).

As pointed out by Paul, the RX-79 cockpit is very similar to RX-78-2
cockpit, a design that is at least 15-20 years old (given that the detailed
cockpit design may have come after the original animation became a hit).
The fact is that designers try to incorporate greater details to previous
designs, rather than revamping everything. They added linear cockpits in Z,
changed to ball-shaped hand-grips for CCA, added sniper scopes for 0083 (or
did they have that for the original RX-77??), and even added an ejection
lever for 08th MS Team. Of course, that still leaves many holes as to how
all these controls operate. As fans, these holes can be thought-provoking
questions for some of us and not so for others. :)
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