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Thu, 5 Oct 2000 09:44:40 -0400

> Face it, the animators/storyboarders are just going to use
> whatever kind of control action (pedal, lever, waldo, etc.) that seems
> cool to them at the time,

Funny MSG, 0080, 08th MS team, and 0083 use all the same
configurations, and even Gundam Wing just uses Zion style for
controls which is 2 joysticks, and 2 foot pedals...

> it's all just speculation - and will change with every new series
> OVA that comes out.

Obviously people at Bandai pays a little more attention to detail
than you give them credit for.

There is an entire section from one of the Entertainment Bibles
devoted to MS Piloting, I'll translate it someday, and post some
details from it, with the cockpit diagrams they had, with labels
which they had for each piece, somebody in Japan though it
was important enough to print once...

And as for this topic going on long enough, its more interesting
to me than the 40 emails from the list I just deleted with High
Grade this and that in the title... you'd think this was a modeler's
only list... (no offense to modelers, I'm still building my PG kit)
So I for one will support the one thread I'm actually reading...


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