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Thu, 5 Oct 2000 02:27:41 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000 01:10:37 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:

> Everytime a translucent beam blade/monoeye part is involved, they've got
> run the parts tree through the mold again (same thing with each
> color on a System Injection tree), which adds to the cost of the kit.

S'what I've been saying on RAAM for some time now whenever people moan about
the lack of this or that feature in any given kit, especially cheap ones
like HGUC. You want more features, you gots to pay more money, simple as
that. Some still fail to comprehend this, assuming that Bandai COULD pack
MG-like features into an 800 yen kit, but won't because they're big meanies
or something. They seem to forget that Bandai is a business and not Willy
Wonka's chocolate factory.

That said, it does seem awfully stingy of them not to include ONE tiny extra
clear runner for the mono-eye. Those stickers really do look like hell.

> Bandai
> went crazy with SI in the early 90s and wised up to the "hidden" costs so
> they gradually phased it out from their Gundam kits. Nowadays you hardly
> even see SI parts on a MG kit, they only SI the tree, but not individual
> parts. Just look at the shoulder of the original MG Gundam and compared
> it with the ver 1.5 kit.

The markings on the first few MG kits were silk-screened, actually... I
don't think there's been a genuine System Injection kit since the 1/100
SHINING GUNDAM in 1994.... someone correct me if I'm wrong.

(actually, I'll correct myself... I guess the RX-78 V.1.5's frame has to be
considered SI... and it looks like some of the parts for the PG ZETA are as
well... but you get the picture)
> Considering the price range of the HGUC kits, plus the wide availability
> of third-party parts in Japan, there's little incentive for Bandai to
> include translucent parts in HGUC kits, not to mention they gotta have
> some exclusive features saved for the MG kits, other than being 1/100 in
> scale.

 Which is probably exactly why they do what they do. Just look at all the
extra dough they're making selling replacements for all those crummy MG/HGUC
hands? A nice racket, indeed.

Yes, kids, Bandai is a business, and their purpose in this world is to
relieve you of your money, not to make your hopes and dreams come true. Oh



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