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On Wed, 4 Oct 2000 23:58:34 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:

> With the Kado Senshi toy out, I see little need to make a new 1/144 kit
> the RX-78-2. It's too expensive? I've seen it sold for about half its
> It's not a model kit? Didn't stop people from converting it to a GM.
I'm not a fan of the Chogokin toy. In fact, I rather loathe it. True, it's
got that 70's-anime look down pat, and it's very posable, but as a *scale
model* it's an utter failure. I find it even uglier than the HG kit, which
believe me, is NOT a good thing. It may be a neat toy, but it's still a toy,
and I just hate the sculpt with a seething passion.

If they were to just make something with the FG kit's looks that wasn't
carved from a solid block of plastic, then I'd be happy.

> I doubt we'll see an Acguy anytime soon, they haven't even made a MSiA of
> Except for the GunTank, every 0079 HGUC kit has a MSiA counterpart.

Point taken, but keep in mind that Bandai has never followed any kind of
predictable pattern with their HGUC and MG releases. I personally don't
think the MSIA line has much bearing on HGUC, and I'll stand by the
prediction for now.



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