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omg stop it Z...you're killing me. >_< The horror of all those idiotic
attempts at acronyms...jeez...I'm glad I'm ignorant to it all.

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>> As for GERWALK, that's a different story...boy what a stupid acronym.
>Ah, yes, the old Ground Effective Reinforcement With Articulated Locomotive
>No one seems to be immune, apparently, as Newtype Magazine's "The Cockpit"
>parsed the MONO Pod from COWBOY BEBOP as the Manned Operation for
Navigation of
>Outer-space Pod.
>As I recall, VOTOMS was supposed to be an acronym of Vertical One-man Tank
>Offensive ManeuverS and MOSPEADA for Military Operation Soldier Protection
>Emergency Aviation Dive Armor.
>In addition to GUNDAM, soem would have us believe that SUIT is an acronym for
>Space Utility Instruments, Tactical. And there was an even worse one for
>that I thankfully can't remember anymore.
>This is not to say that that aren't any official acronyms. In Turn A, for
>example, there's the Mobile FLAT (Flexible Ladder Actuator Technology) and
>(Strike Unit for Maneuver Operations). In 08th MS Team, there's the RX-79
>(Extra Zero Eight).
>Semi-officially, we have various side stories that feature acronyms such
as the
>RX-78E GT-FOUR (Gundam Transformer / Flight & Ooperations Unifications
>and Gundam Zephyr Phantom Mark-II REON (Robotic Environment Operating-system
>Nucleus), to say nothing of the RX-99 Neo Gundam's G-BiRD (Generative Beam
>In the liner notes for the Gundam Wing Operation 3 soundtrack CD, we're given
>another bunch of acronyms for ZERO System and GUNDANUM, but these don't
>anywhere else and mine's packed away, so I can't spell them out for you
just now
>I'm sure that I've forgotten a few. Anyone?
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