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> As for GERWALK, that's a different story...boy what a stupid acronym.

Ah, yes, the old Ground Effective Reinforcement With Articulated Locomotive

No one seems to be immune, apparently, as Newtype Magazine's "The Cockpit" issue
parsed the MONO Pod from COWBOY BEBOP as the Manned Operation for Navigation of
Outer-space Pod.

As I recall, VOTOMS was supposed to be an acronym of Vertical One-man Tank for
Offensive ManeuverS and MOSPEADA for Military Operation Soldier Protection
Emergency Aviation Dive Armor.

In addition to GUNDAM, soem would have us believe that SUIT is an acronym for
Space Utility Instruments, Tactical. And there was an even worse one for ARMOUR
that I thankfully can't remember anymore.

This is not to say that that aren't any official acronyms. In Turn A, for
example, there's the Mobile FLAT (Flexible Ladder Actuator Technology) and SUMO
(Strike Unit for Maneuver Operations). In 08th MS Team, there's the RX-79 Ez8
(Extra Zero Eight).

Semi-officially, we have various side stories that feature acronyms such as the
RX-78E GT-FOUR (Gundam Transformer / Flight & Ooperations Unifications Reactors)
and Gundam Zephyr Phantom Mark-II REON (Robotic Environment Operating-system
Nucleus), to say nothing of the RX-99 Neo Gundam's G-BiRD (Generative Beam Rifle

In the liner notes for the Gundam Wing Operation 3 soundtrack CD, we're given
another bunch of acronyms for ZERO System and GUNDANUM, but these don't appear
anywhere else and mine's packed away, so I can't spell them out for you just now

I'm sure that I've forgotten a few. Anyone?


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