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>I agree on this. I mean, robots (mecha) has been a part of most people's
>lives (those who grew up in the Philippines). for me who was born in 1976,

>I could still remember (barely) watching Voltes V on its first run,
>including others like Mazinger Z, Mekanda Robot, and others. I think kits

Yeah...I loved those guys...and then there was Jeeg, Getta, Daimos, Danguard
Ace, Balatak, Grendizer (Grand Kaiser?). And Starblazers, Gatchaman/GForce.
 I can't believe I wasted so many tv hours on all that, LOL!

>featuring these super robots would appeal more to those who were around in

>the late 70s. by early to mid 80s, its Macross on channel 9 and the
>Transformers (long live Optimus Prime!) sure, the Transformers live on
>until today (I think there's a new series out in Japan) but nothing beats
>the original, espeically Transformers the movie (now who didn't cry when
>Prime died?)

I didn't. I was thinking it was about time they showed that fighting had its
consequences. My favorite part is when megatron blasts Ironhide's head through
the floor. I also loved the what happened when Optimus rammed through everybody.
 I've always believed in the power of a truck barrelling through a barricade.
 And yes, I loved Starscream's death. how very fitting.

>for me, mini-4WD racing is like horse racing without the jockey. or to us

>Filipinos, let's just say it's something like the "karera ng mga daga"

more like dog races. it still is very weird to me.

>just imagine last Christmas, how many of those that bought Gundam kits were

>actually modelers? I'm sure all of you noticed that about 95% of the kits

>bought were G Gundam kits because those were the "in" kits at that time.

True, but still, some of those kids will become collectors...whom we should
nurture, or at least know about.

>I agree, but too bad I can't contribute =(
>but you know, Hong Kong is a good source for kits, its closer to Manila than

>Japan and generally kits are cheaper than advertised in HLJ. maybe I'll
>find a contact who could constantly ship kits to Manila on a per order basis

>ala HLJ, wouldn't that be great? cheaper kits, cheaper shipping!

Why not let's partner with him? MECHAPINOY, the SHOP! I am not kidding, let's
all make this worth our while, kahit na pang baon ko lang sa isang linggo makuha
ko dito, okay na ako. labor of love ang usapan...although hindi sa baon mapupunta
ang pera. kits na lang.

I'm game for this. Kayo?

>and we might get complaints from the local feminist group ^_^ j/k

Mars? Noelle?

>> How very true. If anyone comes up with "char is really
>> czechs", i will stomp him.
>Zechs sucks! copy cat!!! ^_^

You said it! he's basically a ver2.5 of Char, with bishonen looks thrown in
for good measure!

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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