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dam = protective barrier

gun = uhm...gun

dom = to protect (in JP or read somewhere that dom means that)

At first Tomino was going to name Gundam; Gunboy...but then that sounded
too kiddish and he wanted something more mature. Hence...Gundom...but then
I forget why he changed from Gundom to Gundam. :|


>Gundam does not stand for anything, it is just a name. Not too sure on the
>facts, somewhere along the line a model builder made a decal of the
>acronym, which people think is official (Mark and -Z- would know more
>accurately about how the acronym came about). I don't acknowledge this
>acronym because it was not part of Tomino's original story, but if Bandai
>makes it official then reluctantly I will.
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>Vince Leon
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>Gundam stands for General Utility Non-Discontinuity Augmented Manuvering.
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