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> uh, the HGUC GP01 *does* have seperate hilts that push into it's back
> just like in the anime, just not clear blades for the hilts, instead it
> with a one piece white blade and hilt.

Was referring to the tiny separate part (ring) you'd need to be able to plug
a blade into the end of the beam saber. Thin one-piece moldings like saber
blades and hilts are restricted to male plugs, thus the need for a hollow
adapter. These wouldn't be so small for something like the RICK-DIAS or the
HYAKU-SHIKI, but for thin sabers like the GP-01's, they'd be positively
microscopic. Still, the HGUC GYAN got a plug-in beam saber... my guess is
that Bandai doesn't generally consider it an important enough detail to
bother with on their cheap kits. I have to admit it's kind of a non-issue
for me as well.



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