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<< System Injection was a neat technology with a high "wow" factor, but kits
 that used it are a certifiable nightmare to finish and paint. That nifty
 multi-pass tech did NOT make for clean moldings... indeed, I've had more
 headaches cleaning up SI parts than I care to recall. I find separate
 moldings much easier to deal with, and most modern kits look just as good
 out of the box as SI kits would have anyway. Besides, I'm very much against
 the idea of flashy-but-empty color gimmicks (like the HYAKU-SHIKI's godawful
 chrome) inflating the pricetags of these already too-simple kits. More
 money, more parts, dem's my terms. >>

  Right, I see what you mean, but I liked SI. Like I said most new HG's don't
need it anymore, though. As most have all the different colored parts as
seperate pieces anyway. I thought my HG Mk. II looked fine without any

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