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<< Beats me. The HGUC kits seem designed for extremely easy assembly, and as
 such, seem to shy away from truly tiny parts (which is just what a separate
 hilt ring for the sabers you describe would be... tiny). I've noticed that
 bits which were quite wee in older kits have become noticably bulkier and
 more toylike in recent releases (e.g. the RICK-DIAS's vulcan phalanx) >>

  uh, the HGUC GP01 *does* have seperate hilts that push into it's back pack,
just like in the anime, just not clear blades for the hilts, instead it comes
with a one piece white blade and hilt. It's like, Duh, all Bandai had to do
is make clear blades for the hilts. Besides, it's chin piece was *MUCH*
smaller then the hilts where. It was as small as any other's 1/144 chin is.
I built the old HG Zeta Gundam and the HGUC's have just as small parts as it
had. The HGUC GP01 has several itsy, bitsy parts in fact.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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