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> Not sure if this has been answered so I'll ask. I've got both binders. Is
> some method for putting *all* the Gundam Mechanics pages in there? Like, by
> volume or by manufacturer or are they not supposed to go in there? I mean,
> binders are way to big for just the ship cards. Thanks.

Once the cards have been separated from their wrappers, they can be arranged in
whatever ordr you want. Since they alternated Federation and Zeon mecha, I
assume that there are equal numbers of each and that the two collections will
fit neatly into their respective binders. Actually, you need not separate the
cards -- the wrappers are six-hole punched, too, so you could just lay them in
as-is -- although the color of the wrappers might clash with that of the

Unfortunately, all of my personal copies but the last two sets (GM6 and GM7) are
in storage, so I can't test this for myself just yet.


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