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Eddie writes,

> >> Doesn't look like the Gunboy drawings I've seen...
> >>
> >> Eddie
> >
> >Uh, what Gunboy drawing have you seen?
> >
> >~Amanda
>The original ones Kunio Ogawara did before they were rejected for the
>design that is now the classic RX-78-2. You can find it in one of the
>earliest Gundam book that came out, which has TV episode synopsis and
>a ton of production arts. I am not sure if it's collected in the
>Gundam Archives too, since mine's still sealed.

3 different versions of the Gunboy design were featured in the Newtype 100%
Colllection book "Super Robot Generation", which covers Sunrise robot anime
designs from the '70s and '80s. 2 versions looked like "early drafts" to me,
with the same "robot" holding 2 different guns, and a 3rd version which
looked much closer to the final RX-78-2... the shield is quite similar,
although it mounts a bazooka-cannon-thingie on its right shoulder, carried a
Gundam hammer-esque weapon, and its face had a nose and mouth. Not to
mention the word "GUNBOY" emblazoned on the shield. VERY '70s-ish... the 3rd
version strikes a remarkable resemblance to one of the original (non-Bandai)
Gundam toys produced during the TV series' original 1979 run... a pic of
this toy was featured one of Mark Simmons' articles in the back of the
Gundam 0079 comic.

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