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> >It says the right foot pedal is the throttle, while the left
> >foot pedal is the break.

> However, that setup applies to Zion MS, does it apply to Feddie MS too?

Well an other thing to note is the dual hand grip controls
on the Fed and Zion MS only differ in that Zion's cockpit
uses a pair of joysticks, where Feds use throttle like hand
levers. This would tend to indicate the Zeon have a better
range of motion, while the Feds are mostly dependent on
pre-programmed maneuvers. Both types of control have
one firing button at the end for shooting a gun, bazooka
or arming a beam saber held in that side's hand.

One of the other MS Encyclopeidas has a breakout of a
Gelgoog cockpit, that's the only one I have, but I don't
know if that was EB 1.

The 08th MS team Film Comics show the RX-79cockpit
in good detail, and it looks very similar to the RX-78-2
core fighter cockpit.

The Giren's greed movies show Camille in the Gundam
Mk II titan's colors coming at the screen after pushing the
right hand side throttle all the way forward, and pushing a
foot pedal or two... The Mk II promptly grabs its right
side beam saber, and comes flying towards the camera.

Maybe we should all pick a UC series to watch, and make
a list of the cockpit controls used, and what they do...

Funniest thing though is where does this put 0083, Nina
tells Kou not to use the full power (right throttle) but to
put the throttle to half power, and once there, move into
full power. This implies Gundams are like modern day
cars, and have a sweet spot that they build up to, and
until the engine breaks over that point, pushing down on
the gas won't get you any more speed... on a lot of cars
its 2500 rpm... I don't know how many Kw a Gundam
would be...


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