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I mean, it won't surprise anyone to learn that the old kit, which I own, is
Really Really Bad, right? Well, maybe it was hot stuff in 1981, but at this
late date, PU. This is definitely a case of nothing's-left-from-the-original
by the time one hacks a decent replica out of it. High time for a makeover,

I've pretty much given up on seeing this one MG'ed, mainly because I think
that huge bowl of a skirt is just not practical to mold in 1/100 scale, but
I'm a little surprised we haven't seen the HGUC version yet. Maybe
not...it's sure to be expensive when it shows... and what about its little
playmate, the RX-78?

Well, as someone pointed out, Bandai has released three new (well, one
semi-new) pla kits of the original GUNDAM in just the last two years. That's
a lot, eh? Problem is, every single 1/144 RX-78-2 they've ever made has been
crap. The HG kit... well, it resides proudly near the top of my Personal
Worst list, for all the bad reasons. What an utter botch and disappointment
that kit is.... and the recent FG kit, while much better-sculpted and
designed, is not even a real kit, but instead some P.R. wank's idea of a
joke release.

"Look, it costs just the same as the original!"

Yeah, and it SUCKS just the same as the original Mr. Marketing Guy, now
where's the real one?

Short point being, the 0079 kit renewal begun with the very first HGUC
release is not going to be complete until all the major players are
accounted for, especially the GUNDAM... and it's just not clear when or if
that's going to happen. I'm guesing the 0079 mechs that have the best chance
to be made right now are the ACGUY and the ZEONG... though I kinda hope I'm
wrong in this case.

Bandai needs to finish HG 0079!



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