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> Well, fully functional mono-eye rails would be great, but I think that's a
> level of complexity beyond what Bandai's shooting for in the HGUC series.
> The lack of clear mono-eyes, on the other hand, just smacks of cheapness.

considering that the 0080 series could do it, it's really
disappointing that they can't do it now.

> > 2. What is it with the beam sabers? How hard is it to make blades like
> the MG
> > kits? You remove the hilt, snap in the clear blade and put the saber in
> the
> > robots hand?

I've never seen a 1/144 kit with a clear saber and a normal
plastic handle; all of them have been molded in the
trnalsucent plastic, handle and all. I think it's a way to
separate the MG from HGUC...which is a crying shame, I

> System Injection was a neat technology with a high "wow" factor, but kits
> that used it are a certifiable nightmare to finish and paint. That nifty
> multi-pass tech did NOT make for clean moldings... indeed, I've had more
> headaches cleaning up SI parts than I care to recall. I find separate
> moldings much easier to deal with, and most modern kits look just as good
> out of the box as SI kits would have anyway. Besides, I'm very much against
> the idea of flashy-but-empty color gimmicks (like the HYAKU-SHIKI's godawful
> chrome) inflating the pricetags of these already too-simple kits. More
> money, more parts, dem's my terms.
> But I do think HG kits have seemed somewhat less H since SI went away....go
> figure...
> J.E.D.

A case in point of bad SI: the HG MkII. horrible. I think
SI is nice if you don't plan on painting it, but wouldn't a
good set of stickers do the job almost as well?

As for my SI kits (like my army of F90's), I think i really
will have a nightmare with the SI parts.

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