Richard Ramos (
Thu, 05 Oct 2000 00:05:59 -0700

> well, for one thing they don't have an MG Guncannon and Guntank while there
> is an MG of the RX-78-2. of course they would make newer versions of old
> kits because of the new technology, and of course if the kit is still
> popular. but like I said, the past year or so, they have released 4
> versions of the RX-78-2 and releasing an HGUC version of it would be
> overkill, at least for this time. I'm sure they'd be more interested to
> release other kits in the HGUC line. I'm praying for a better Jagd Doga and
> other CCA kits.
> anyway, that's just my opinion on it

Actually, I'd like to see weird stuff like the Dreissen or
the Doven Wolf.

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