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> 1. Where the heck are the moveable, clear colored plastic, mono-eyes for
> Zeon mecha? The Z'Gok needed one, so did the Gouf.
Well, fully functional mono-eye rails would be great, but I think that's a
level of complexity beyond what Bandai's shooting for in the HGUC series.
The lack of clear mono-eyes, on the other hand, just smacks of cheapness.

> 2. What is it with the beam sabers? How hard is it to make blades like
the MG
> kits? You remove the hilt, snap in the clear blade and put the saber in
> robots hand?

Beats me. The HGUC kits seem designed for extremely easy assembly, and as
such, seem to shy away from truly tiny parts (which is just what a separate
hilt ring for the sabers you describe would be... tiny). I've noticed that
bits which were quite wee in older kits have become noticably bulkier and
more toylike in recent releases (e.g. the RICK-DIAS's vulcan phalanx)
> 3. I want System Injection back! The robot itself doesn't need it, but
> guns and a few minor parts of the robot could.

System Injection was a neat technology with a high "wow" factor, but kits
that used it are a certifiable nightmare to finish and paint. That nifty
multi-pass tech did NOT make for clean moldings... indeed, I've had more
headaches cleaning up SI parts than I care to recall. I find separate
moldings much easier to deal with, and most modern kits look just as good
out of the box as SI kits would have anyway. Besides, I'm very much against
the idea of flashy-but-empty color gimmicks (like the HYAKU-SHIKI's godawful
chrome) inflating the pricetags of these already too-simple kits. More
money, more parts, dem's my terms.

But I do think HG kits have seemed somewhat less H since SI went away....go



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