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Wed, 4 Oct 2000 07:17:32 -0700 (PDT)

Edward Ju wrote:
> I put mine away somewhere but I remember it looked a bit better than the
> one seen in the new photo.

It doesn't. I have the old model in front of me, and while its styling and
proportions still hold up reasonably well, the fine detail (or rather, lack
of it) is nowhere near MG levels. The styling's a little clunky in places
too, and the MG as currently pictured addresses this. The two kits may wind
up looking superficially identical to one another, but the MG will be a true
scale model. The older kit, great as it was for its time, is a glorified
toy. It's ALL about the details here.

This is arguably the first MG kit we've seen that replaces a competently
realized older kit, and it seems to be confusing some people. I'm a little
surprised at the negative reaction this thing has received so far... I like
it just fine, and will definitely get one.



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