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In Bandai's Entertainment Bible #1 (the little one), on page 97, there
is a layout for the cockpit of a "typical" Zion MS (in the style of
0080). It says the right foot pedal is the throttle, while the left
foot pedal is the break. This probably applies to both ground and
space maneuvering, since those parameters would have been set up in the
hangar before a mission. As for the complicated human-like maneuvering
and such, if memory serves (not that I can even remember where I got the
info...), all of that kind of stuff was a function of the MS's software.
 Basically like a previous post said - the computer interprets the
desired action based on the current situation and other assorted
variables. There's probably a bunch of pre-programmed stuff as well,
not to mention special combo's thought up and/or programmed by the
individual pilots themselves (which could explain why the Black
Trinary has their signature maneuver "Jet Stream Attack"). Just a

        Trevor in California.

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