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<< I think it would be overkill for the RX-78-2 if they make an HGUC since
 already come out with a PG, 2 MGs, and a FG. but the scary part is that
 Bandai might actually do it! well, I have no objections to it since HGUCs
 are cheaper alternatives to MGs, they have very good detail and cost only
 about half the price. >>

  I do not think it is over kill. It is after all the Gundam that started it
all and a lot of people, me included, really like the RX-78. Besides, a PG,
two MG's and an FG is not over kill, it's a well loved design and it deserves
a new kit. It sales well and it's well loved and it's natural for it to be
made as multiple kits. Besides, according to the reviews, it's more like an
MG and a half, not two MGs. The second one is a revision of the MG, more then
a total remake. It's like Win 98 compared to Windows ME, has some new stuff,
but is basically the same thing.

  Besides, there IS an HG UC Gun Cannon and Guntank you know. While the old
HG kit maybe be good, it is still OLD. There's plenty of minor improvements
to justify an HG UC of it anyone. Like the clip on shield holder, the pieces
that cover up the polycaps in the elbows and knees, to make the joints look
"real". I am sure Bandai will release one eventually, anyway.


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