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At 18:19 10/03/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>>They are definately slacking on their part sales. I have asked for a few
>>parts months ago and haven't heard a thing.
>Man, definitely not the good old HLJ from way back...

        Okay, okay, I'm persuaded to repost the mail I got from HLJ so that
fellow sufferes can benefit. Pardon the poor word processing.

Dear Mr. Jyue

Sorry for not reply to you soon. Primarily I had to pay time for processing
orders. Now I am catching up parts order requests. If it's not too late
for you (hopefully so), please read the attached message below and send me
the information.

Thank you

Hiromu Araki

HobbyLink Japan is happy to get Japanese model parts for customers, but we
need you to understand a few points, first:

(1) We cannot confirm the price of the parts for your prior to your order.
There are literally millions of different parts in existence and it's
impossible for us to catalog this data, or take the time to check with the
manufacturer and report back to you before you place an order. Just assume
that the part will cost a 10-30% of the cost of the original kit (unless
it's a very major part, like the body of a car kit, and then it can cost
even more) and be prepared to pay that much.

(2) Parts orders take time. Manufacturers frown on us placing orders for
just one or two parts. As such, we let parts orders from customers "pile
up" for a couple of weeks or so and them order them in batches. And
depending on the parts, it can then take a few weeks for them to actually
arrive from the manufacturer. So you need to be prepared to wait as long as
two or three months to get your part (it's usually quicker, but it may take
this long).

(3) You must pay by credit card and give us a card number BEFORE we order
for you. In the past, some check customers have failed to pay us after the
parts we ordered for them came in. And it's impossible for us to sell parts
to anybody else, so those items immediately become "bad stock" on our
shelves. I'm sure you can appreciate that we're anxious to avoid this

(4) For the same reason, we ask you NOT to look for the parts from other
sources until we have made it clear to you whether we can help you or not.

If all those conditions are acceptable to you, here's how to place your
parts order:

(1) Send an e-mail to (not this address) that states

(a) Your full name
(b) Your shipping address (not needed if you have ordered from HLJ in the
(c) The exact manufacturer, scale, model number and name of the kit(s) you
need parts for.
(d) The name of the part(s) you need. Note: Plastic parts must be ordered
in complete runners only. You cannot order, for example, just a landing
gear strut. You must buy the entire runner of parts that contains the
strut. Japanese kits all have a letter name (A, B, C, etc.) on each runner
of parts. Give us the letter of the parts runner you need. If it's
non-plastic parts or large parts that don't come on their own runner (e.g.
"decals," "rubber tires," "body") then just a description will do.

(2) If you haven't sent us your credit card information previously, do so
now by sending a fax or leaving a voice message at +81-276-80-3067, or by
sending regular mail to:

HobbyLink Japan
Tatebayashi-shi, Nishitakane-cho 43-6
Gunma 374-0075 JAPAN

Then just sit back and wait. Please note that we don't send out automatic
updates on parts orders, either. You'll just receive a notice when they've
been shipped to you.

Hiromu Araki
Dealer Sales, HobbyLink Japan

Lim Jyue
ICQ: 24737555

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