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> I'd like to see an HG UC RX-78-2 Gundam as well. Some will argue why,
> there's already an HG of it, but to me, it needs an Update, espcailly
> the first HG of it is an 80's kit. I would like it to look like the PG or
> FG kit of it. They could give it the clip on shield holder like the new
> GP01 has, removeable beam saber hilts with clear beam saber blades to
> into the hilt when "in use". I'd like to see some HG UC GM's too.

I think it would be overkill for the RX-78-2 if they make an HGUC since they
already come out with a PG, 2 MGs, and a FG. but the scary part is that
Bandai might actually do it! well, I have no objections to it since HGUCs
are cheaper alternatives to MGs, they have very good detail and cost only
about half the price.

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