Wed, 4 Oct 2000 01:41:56 EDT

  Here's my short list of the stuff the most peeves me off about the new HG
kits. They only thing that seems to make an HG an HG now, is that they
require little paint to look right.

1. Where the heck are the moveable, clear colored plastic, mono-eyes for the
Zeon mecha? The Z'Gok needed one, so did the Gouf.

2. What is it with the beam sabers? How hard is it to make blades like the MG
kits? You remove the hilt, snap in the clear blade and put the saber in the
robots hand? This would barely affect the cost of the kit and HG's need
SOMETHING to justify the "HG" label. Even the MSiA Tallgeese has this

3. I want System Injection back! The robot itself doesn't need it, but the
guns and a few minor parts of the robot could.


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