Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 3 Oct 2000 18:25:22 -0700

>Hmm I see;; ^^;; Well I just that it looks REALLY too similar to my 1/100 Nu
>Gundam Model which I bought pretty while a ago;; ^^

I put mine away somewhere but I remember it looked a bit better than the
one seen in the new photo.

>But if you say Sazabi
>parts also do look pretty simplistic, then probably you might be right.
>Actually, I really don't think that test model in this picture was done by
>Bandai though? As you know Bandai would never do such a thing in their
>catalogue right? The question is, whoever got this picture, WHERE DID YOU
>GET IT FROM? Is it from one of those magazines, right?
>Hyun Kye

The layout does look like it's from one of the more recent Bandai catalogs
- the page's formatting/style is almost identical to the Bandai catalog
that came with the MG Sazabi. That picture probably came from the Nov-Dec
2000 Bandai catalog, which I think was distributed in the Tokyo Hobby Show
less than 2 weeks ago.


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