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i kinda thought the controls were all sorta used in concert and the
AMBAC system woudl automatically interpret what kind of maneuvers would
be required by the mecha.. i remember in the bigining of the first
Gundam OYW movie when Amuro climbs into the cockpit with the manual it
says the limbs are all computer controlled... the pilot manipulates the
control yokes and pedles and buttons and whatever in a certain way and
the computers tke into account the terrain, altitude, and various other
factors and move the limbs in sucha a way as to exicute the desired
maneuver.. at least that's my theory


Hobbitmastr@aol.com wrote:
> MS foot pedals are most likely used for leg movement rather than thruster
> control, since the hand yokes and joysticks are more suited for that role.
> But you do bring up a good point about foot pedals on space and aquatic
> mobile suits. What is there purpose? They may be used for maneuvering, but
> the AMBAC system or the regular control yokes could handle that. For aquatic
> mobile suits, pedals could be used to turn the legs like they were rudders,
> but as for space mobile suits, I have no idea.
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