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Tue, 3 Oct 2000 16:51:06 -0700 (PDT)

Dear List:

> MS foot pedals are most likely used for leg movement rather than thruster
> control, since the hand yokes and joysticks are more suited for that role.

I have to agree with this, but I do remember that there were several closeup
shots of the pedals being used in MSG the original series. I am pretty sure
that at the time of the original series, the Gundams are equipped with 3 pedals
and they all looked like rudder pedals on planes. Amuro was shown slamming
down the left most and right most pedals on several shots, the result was
the Gundam jumping up in the air while the thrusters in the backpack were
engaged and firing. Sayla Mass also was shown using the pedals (rather
clumsily, I might add...), I think she used the same 2 pedals as Amuro, but
the Gundam was stumbling around instead of leaping up in air. There's no
clear indication that the 3 pedals actually has anything to do with controlling
the leg or the thruster movement.

By the time of 08th. MS team, the pedals got more intricate. I think there
was this episode where this young kid was told to step on the pedal while the
main character proceed to fix the circuitry on the leg. Of course, the kid
was day dreaming about something and our hero was caught in a rather dangerous
situation. It did show, however, the pedals are for the controlling leg
movements. I think the pedals looked like it could be pushed downwards/upwards
as well as adjusted forward and backwards like a volume pedal on organs. The
added degree of movement makes it more mechanical likely to control the movement
of MS legs/feet, which bends at knees as well as at the hip. For a Gundam to
execute a side kick would require yet another degree of movement to account for
side movements.

> But you do bring up a good point about foot pedals on space and aquatic
> mobile suits. What is there purpose? They may be used for maneuvering, but
> the AMBAC system or the regular control yokes could handle that. For aquatic
> mobile suits, pedals could be used to turn the legs like they were rudders,
> but as for space mobile suits, I have no idea.

I don't think the person who designed the cockpit put much thought into how
the control and piloting of the actual Mobile suits really work. To make an
MS respond with such a variety of arm and leg movement should really require
a very complicated piloting control system. (Kindof like Gunbuster). For
instance, to control the movement of fingers should require at least a single
button on the joystick handle for each finger (I guess you can cheat with 3
for lesser MS like GM/Gundam, but a Zeong which requires independence for each
"finger laser" can't have anything less).


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