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> Man, I wish I could be updating my site more often but since learning
> the horrors of making video games I haven't had the time. So, this
> will have to do. Pics from the oct. Newtype - For The Barrel

I wish I could read Japanese better at these microfiche sized resolutions. I
guess I'll have to wait a month for the English translation on the Newtype

The English word "streamer" is repeated a number of times, but I can't decipher
the context. In the last, parenthetical, iteration, it's given as "high
streamer" -- the title of one of Tomino's alternative CCA novels.

Another word that's given repeatedly is "Forecast" -- one of the Newtype
characteristics, called "The Nine" although only eight were given, that were
described in the original article. The others are Empathy, Dive (communication
ability), Intuition, Authenticate, Plus (characteristics of born good), Minus
(characteristics of born evil), and Complex (stereotype or a fixed idea).

> Could this be Amuro?
> http://home.earthlink.net/~jboren/amuro.jpg

It looks like htey're being cagey here, as the lad in the picture is identified
as the "Pegasus Machining Skin pilot" and not by any name, unless the "Yu A-bao"
rendered in Romaji and katakana in the last line is his name.

> Ah, it's the Gunboy.
> http://home.earthlink.net/~jboren/gunboy.jpg


Maybe it's a product og my age and the fact that I watched the show when I was
growing up, but I keep hearing this spoken in the voice of MISTER ED....


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