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Wed, 04 Oct 2000 06:24:13 JST

Hi! I am new to this list but I have been a hardcore Gundam fan since
watching the first series back in 1979. It took me many years to finally
find people that speak the mech-head/Gundam lingo.

I have a few questions which I am not sure if they've been brought up
before. But it would be nice if these questions can generate some lengthy
discussions. Also, it would be nice if the discussion to stay with the
topic of piloting an MS. In other words, please don't use model kit
questions for this subject. I am a model fan too and I do not mean any
offense. It's just that it makes the thread easier to follow for others.

Also, please keep this to UC, with focus but not specific to OYW since it's
the most defined timeline.

If you have survived the above boring piece of literature, here are the

Foot Pedals - I am not sure if they are for initiating MS leg movements or
the backpack thrusters or both. There is one scene in 08th MS Team in which
Shiro alternatingly stepping on them in an attempt to stop the Apsaras from
sliding off a cliff. His action resulted in the RX-79 first thrustering
while in the air (I think) and then "moonwalking" AND thrustering when they
hit the ground. May be the thrusters were triggered by pushing the two
hotas forward (in accordance with 0083) and the pedals are solely for leg

For land mobile suits, would it make some sense that pedals operate somewhat
similar to modern tanks? In that pressing the left pedal only to turn left;
pressing the right pedal only to turn right; pressing both to go forward?
But then wouldn't it be very tiring for the pilot to have to press hard on
both pedals to keep the MS going forward for extended period of time? Of
course, we can always just have a switched programmed to trigger the AMBAC
to perform the motion of a walk or jog or flat-out sprint, kind of like an
auto-pilot button on modern planes. But how would you trigger a 3rd
dimensional motion such as jumping with those same set of pedals?

How about Marine MS and Space MS? To have the pedals solely for legs would
be a waste. The AMBAC modified specifically for the environment is a must.
In space, the MS will still need leg movements for all the manuevering in
accordance with the principles of action and reaction.
(For example, one of Cima's Gelgoogs landing feet first for the colony-jack)
  Of course, the Zeong didn't have legs when Char took it out for a spin, so
may be the pedals there weren't used? But the Zeong was meant to have legs,
they were just never finished.

Speaking of the Zeong, I guess there are the MA's. The Elmeth, the Niel
Ziel, Zamel, and numerous others don't have legs, and the Big Zam and
Asparas's don't seem to need them for locomotion. Do they have foot pedals
in them?

Finally, are foot pedals incorporated in post-OYW cockits? I have seen them
in 0083, but I am not sure if they are still used in CCA onwards.

I think that's enough question for now, I have got questions about the
hotas, linear cockpits, differences between Zeon and Feddie cockpits and
tonnes others in my obsessive attempt to justify animation with reality.

Oh yeah, please keep this to the Gundam universe. MechWarriors and Valkerie
operating characteristics may be similar (they are humanoid!), but they are
not Minosky-handicapped. :)

I hope this can start some interesting discussion.

Thanks for reading.
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