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<< Hmmmm... I think I understand what they're trying to accomplish with the
mecha design here, but it still leaves me flat. Flashy, impractical "Shogun
Warrior"-type robots are an intrinsic part of MSG's appeal, and the cold,
impersonal industrial 'bots we're seeing in FTB don't look like any fun at
all. They make sense plot- and design-wise, but for my tastes they're about
as exciting as a nun at a pot party (actually, that DOES sound kind of
exciting). Are there all that many people out there who'd be anxious to
collect toys and models of designs like these? I'm thinking not. But it
promises to be an interesting project...


I dunno, I think this goes very much in line with Tomino's anti-mecha mecha stories. I mean look at the Turn A and tell me part of his idea for the design was to screw over the merchandisers.


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