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You might want to pick up what you can now. From the rumours i'm hearing,
Takara is in Bad Shape(tm) and who knows how much longer they're going to
last? I gather sales have been decidedly dissapointing in Japan...
I've recently got out of my TF collecting hobby (getting too bloody
expensive), and now my Gundam stuff has conquered the prized toy shelf :P

On an unrelated note, i've now completed the entire upper body of my MG GM
Custom, from the crotch up. I sorta have a legless GM... A GM-Zeong if you
will =) Kinda funny looking, but I must say, this is a much more fun way of
building MG's (that being starting with the body and working outward,
attatching limbs as they are completed, rather than assembling the limbs

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> Ok I just heard that HLJ is selling the new re releases of the Japanese > Transformer toys. I was looking at what they had I'm getting an Evil > Convoy no doubt but I was wondering considering they are so cheap should > I get the Baldigus(Bruticus to us Americans) or are they coming out with > some more stuff(I can only hope for Grimlock,Jazz, or the Terrorcons). > If anyone has any of this stuff I'd be thankful for any info. > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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