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>I think within 50 to 100 years we could come up with something better than that..

>Id like to see a mech made of composites.. Why use metal at all except for
>mechanical parts. The frame and armor could be a carbon fiber and/or ceramic
>which would be lighter and stronger than any metal or alloy. With manufacturing

>technology improving (unless we get a really nasty war that throws us back
a bit,
>which sort goes against the ability to space colonize) I think we would see
>organic forms to mechs.. The more you try to emulate human motion , the more
>have to emulate human form.. Straight and angular parts dont lend themselves
to the
>fluidity and flexibilty of human motion.. I think the whole concept of designing

>mechs should be changed.. This gunboy looks like a step back. It looks like

>something out of popular science of 30 years ago or something from "amazing

>stories". Interesting but not classic. I dont see this going from NewType to

>full-fledged anime...

Hmmm...point taken on that. I actually assumed that Mobile Suits did use a
lot of composite materials...I can't see an MS that is all would
be too damn heavy to move. As for the emulation of the human form, well, it's
a matter of specialization, actually, wherein one can exaggerate certain aspects
of the form for better specialized performance. I suppose that's where it will
go to, a sort of mechanical version of Evolutionary specialization.

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