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I think within 50 to 100 years we could come up with something better than that..
Id like to see a mech made of composites.. Why use metal at all except for some
mechanical parts. The frame and armor could be a carbon fiber and/or ceramic ,
which would be lighter and stronger than any metal or alloy. With manufacturing
technology improving (unless we get a really nasty war that throws us back a bit,
which sort goes against the ability to space colonize) I think we would see more
organic forms to mechs.. The more you try to emulate human motion , the more you
have to emulate human form.. Straight and angular parts dont lend themselves to the
fluidity and flexibilty of human motion.. I think the whole concept of designing
mechs should be changed.. This gunboy looks like a step back. It looks like
something out of popular science of 30 years ago or something from "amazing
stories". Interesting but not classic. I dont see this going from NewType to
full-fledged anime...

Richie Ramos wrote:

> >WTF!!!!
> >Not too keen on the new amuro...
> yeah, it reminds me somehow of the guy in Akira. Is it just me, or do their
> general look and styles look somewhat Mod-ish?
> >The new "gunboy " seems functional.. My problem with the new mechs is
> >that they feel too Ep1 "battledroidy" looking.. I still cant fgure out
> >how it bends.. It looks like it could be built now.. But thats the
> >problem with it.. It doesnt seem advanced enough.. It has not too much
> >character.. Maybe thats what they want.. But I doubt this will be the
> >next gundam animated series.. I dont think these things could sell well.
> >There not too apealling.. THey dont feel cutting edge in design either...
> The design leaves me a bit cold in the sense that I am looking for more detail.
> But, having learned my lesson with TurnA, I want to see more pics of it before
> I say anything final.
> It reminds me of the Honda Robot, though, in some strange way. that, and a
> mix of how some indutrial robots look like...maybe that's the point.
> >James Boren wrote:
> >
> >> Man, I wish I could be updating my site more often but since learning
> >> the horrors of making video games I haven't had the time. So, this
> >> will have to do. Pics from the oct. Newtype - For The Barrel
> >>
> >> Could this be Amuro?
> >>
> >>
> >> Ah, it's the Gunboy.
> >>
> >>
> >> now discuss.
> >>
> >> -James
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