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Tue, 3 Oct 2000 09:24:52 GMT

>Not too keen on the new amuro...

yeah, it reminds me somehow of the guy in Akira. Is it just me, or do their
general look and styles look somewhat Mod-ish?

>The new "gunboy " seems functional.. My problem with the new mechs is
>that they feel too Ep1 "battledroidy" looking.. I still cant fgure out
>how it bends.. It looks like it could be built now.. But thats the
>problem with it.. It doesnt seem advanced enough.. It has not too much
>character.. Maybe thats what they want.. But I doubt this will be the
>next gundam animated series.. I dont think these things could sell well.
>There not too apealling.. THey dont feel cutting edge in design either...

The design leaves me a bit cold in the sense that I am looking for more detail.
 But, having learned my lesson with TurnA, I want to see more pics of it before
I say anything final.

It reminds me of the Honda Robot, though, in some strange way. that, and a
mix of how some indutrial robots look like...maybe that's the point.

>James Boren wrote:
>> Man, I wish I could be updating my site more often but since learning
>> the horrors of making video games I haven't had the time. So, this
>> will have to do. Pics from the oct. Newtype - For The Barrel
>> Could this be Amuro?
>> Ah, it's the Gunboy.
>> now discuss.
>> -James
>> -
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If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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