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Mon, 2 Oct 2000 23:04:05 -0700 (PDT)

> > Things have been a little slow lately, so time for
> another GML interaction
> > test =)
> > So ... name your 3 favorite mechanical designs
> (i.e. be they giant robots,
> > all the way down to powered suits) from
> series/movies other than Gundam.
> > Let's keep it restricted to anime for now, so no
> video game designs. To make
> > it more challenging and encourage more debate, you
> also should state why ;p

real mecha:

1) all the macross valkyries. 8-] for reasons
already stated.

2) macross destroids. can't get any more military
looking than they come. their flashiness is in their
mundane appearance.

3) southern cross hovertank. the most
underappreciated main storyline mecha of all time. :P

super robot:

1) shin getter. the eyeballs take time to grow on
you...but it is one mean super bot. love that
tomahawk. i'd like to see what ryoma calls an axe.
and the digital-nanotech transformation.

2) danguard ace. a flying 200 meter, 5000 ton hunk of
bolts. 8-)

3) gaiking. an even bigger, meaner, flying, spinning
hunk of bolts. 8-)


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