Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 2 Oct 2000 22:44:24 -0700

>Robert Ludvig wrote:
>> Dude, its just a MOCKUP. With it being so far from release, I think it
>> looks like they just threw together what they had with parts from the 1/100
>> kit. If the innards of the MG Nu really look like they do in the pic, then
>> the outer shell doesnt quite seem to match it. Do you really think a MG
>> would look that bad as the Nu does in the pics?
>I hope that that is the case. I kinda expected that the proportion of teh
>chest be
>smaller/narrower, and that they solve the lanky leg look. It's not that I
>won't buy
>it, mind you, but then, I WOULD like to have something that does look like
>it has
>been retconned, notnjust something that looks internally better.

After what Bandai did with the MG Sazabi, I think the days of extra-fancy
panel lines are over... they're applying the assembly line mentality to the
MG kits and so you can also kiss the less humanoid looking suits (e.g.
Hygog, etc.) goodbye for MG kits, since every new release would have to
conform to the existing skeleton/frame.

It'd be interesting to see if the MG Nu will be able to stand and balance
with that huge rack of FF equipped.


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