Richard Ramos (
Tue, 03 Oct 2000 12:12:28 -0700

Robert Ludvig wrote:

> Dude, its just a MOCKUP. With it being so far from release, I think it
> looks like they just threw together what they had with parts from the 1/100
> kit. If the innards of the MG Nu really look like they do in the pic, then
> the outer shell doesnt quite seem to match it. Do you really think a MG
> would look that bad as the Nu does in the pics?

I hope that that is the case. I kinda expected that the proportion of teh chest be
smaller/narrower, and that they solve the lanky leg look. It's not that I won't buy
it, mind you, but then, I WOULD like to have something that does look like it has
been retconned, notnjust something that looks internally better.

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