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> 1.Macross Valkyries
> 2.Aestivalis from Nadesico
> 3. "Alphonse" from Patlabor

Hmm, non-Gundam designs

1. The mortar headds from 5 Star Stories. Those huge katanas and bows
are as cool as the super cannons and those beautiful knight detailings.

2. The destroids from Macross. As much as I like the valkeries, they're
really just transforming F-14s. I have a great love for F-14s but the
design of the valkeries adds little to that base. The destroids,
however, remind me of what real humanoid combat weapons might look and
act like if they were to be made that big.

3. I like the designs in Gasaraki. I haven't seen them but I noticed
it's coming out on DVD soon.


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