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Subject: Re: [gundam] Favorite non-Gundam mechanical design

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> Hmm.. you can't make the two fight, but stats wise, the evas pretty
> much
> suck. Good only for their AT Field, which the GW units probably
> cannot break
> through, unless they use spells. I'll put my money on two being able
> to take
> down the Eva easily, though.
> >
Since EVA's are categorized as 'Super Robots' they'll have a hell of a
time trying to hit MS especially if their newtype, aces, or both.
Probably the only possible way to inflict damage on an EVA with an
equal level is with a Buster Rifle + Criical Hit(rare depending on the
pilot's limit)(in SRW serie the amount of damage must be greater than
4000HP to pierce through an AT Field).
Or if their HP is in the range of 5000. 2-3 GW units can initiate self-
destruct 8> (That would be all of the GW boys except Wufei due to the
absence of that spell/option).

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