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Is it snap together?

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A very nice kit. Although kinda of small for $40. Let see... it comes with
the main three characters in those yellow hard plastic that we all hate in
1/24 scale. Two small figures matching to the swordfish's scale. Two
Missiles and their launchers (the missiles doesn't stay on, you have to glue
them to the launcher.) Mini pod with arms (incredibly detailed for this
kind of scale)
Construction was smooth except for the mechanism in the wing area that
folds. It's kinda of confusing but you just have to examine the diagram
very carefully just not to get them mixed up. As for the mini pod, if you
want to pose it with the arms out you have to take out the side parts out
and re-install it. A bit of hassle since the whole part is so small and
might break or crack the clear plastic that supports it.
The whole ship is full of retractable parts. The two landing gears on the
wing can come down along with the one under the canopy. Wings are foldeable
and the canopy lifts up to reveal the mini pod. Oh and the plasma gun, yeah
that huge gun can be retracted upwards in flight mode. And yes you can move
the gun side ways too. Talking about manipulating parts, the whole engine
compartment can move up,down and sideways thanks to poly cap mechanism.
Comes with molded colors but can be improved if you want to paint it. As
for the actual model size it's roughly 8 inch long from the engine to the
plasma gun. And the measurement across the two wings is roughly 7 inches.
Oh boy can't wait for Faye's Red tail.

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>Gotta get a sword fish!
>CB is the coolest.. Eagerly awiting DVD 6...
>BTW outlaw star is good too...
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> > << The MONO Pod from COWBOY BEBOP, which is a space pod with
> > that
> > becomes the cockpit of another mecha with which it docks. >>
> >
> > YES,another man who shares my love for Cowboy Bebop!(I assume you love
> > because there's no reason to hate it =)
> >
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